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  • Sonia Gabriela VERA GARCÍA

    Sonia Gabriela VERA GARCÍA

    Collaborator Sonia Vera graduated from the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja as a lawyer. She also holds a Master’s degree in Administrative Law from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. She is currently a PhD candidate in Citizenship and Human Rights at the University of Barcelona. She recently joined Jus Cogens, at the beginning of 2022.…

  • Maryam SAVAGE

    Maryam SAVAGE

    Collaborator Maryam Savage holds a Master’s degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations, Security, Peace and Conflict. She joined the Jus Cogens team in early 2022 as a case manager for Christophe Marchand in the Julian Assange case. Her academic background focuses on understanding the singular relationships existing between various States. Using…